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1. In order to protect human health, the instrument is equipped with an automatic sensing device. It will only work when the ultraviolet lamp beads in the horizontal direction are facing downwards (automatically stop working when the inclination angle of the front, rear, left and right directions exceeds 90 degrees).

2. When there is no operation or touch on the instrument, the instrument will automatically power off after 3 minutes.

3. The ultraviolet rays of the instrument have a great harm to human eyes, so please do not watch the ultraviolet rays of the instrument with your eyes or irradiate your eyes with the instrument.

4. The ultraviolet rays of the instrument are very harmful to human skin. Please do not use it on the human body.

5. Please do not let children play or use this instrument.

6. If the power is insufficient, please charge the instrument in time to avoid damage to the instrument battery.

7. The instrument is not waterproof, do not rinse with water or decontaminate with a damp cloth, only wipe with a dry cloth

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